Vision :-
Ensure growth of the children & women protecting environment, sustainable, community Origination, Education, Agriculture, health & human rights of marginalized human resources & downtrodden communities and by cultural intervening in development planning & implementation for ethical sustainable development for just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. Organization do the Work of Advocacy with Lokal Government Body For the right of RTE. RTI, MNREGA, FRA and all People Rights Act.

Mission :-
To create awareness through education & organize workshops for the promotion of local cultural activities.

  • To create legal awareness and access to for insuring people rights forest, water, land ?and justice for marginalized community in the society.
  • mobilize community through Multi art discipline.
  • To conduct Multi Art Association through NREGA HELP CENTRE unorganized labors and local society.
  • To empower community for social & developmental entrepreneurship & livelihood training and support
  • To conduct education, information and communication through art and culture, study & research.
  • To local community and SHG empowerment through educational, traditional Agricultural Activities.