General Objective :-
Aware and Organize the people and from the peoples Organization and Self Help Groups in extended in new areas.

  • Facilitate the strengthening process of existing / formed people Organization to make them self reliant.
  • Reinforce the information and input with regard to tribal Council, tribal self rule, Gram Sabha, Panchayti raj, MNREGA, Human Right etc. for better self governance
  • Capacitate the Human Resource for promotion, preservation utilization and marketing of natural /local resource for ensuring food security and income generalize self engagement for the poor and marginalized people.
  • Promote, equality , brothers hood social justice and social peace by reducing Cast, Community, Religion , Sex and Region based conflicts, restoring the violated constitutional rights and generating Employment.
  • Sensitizes the society with regard to gender in equality and women empowerment for better success to there rights and resources.
  • Educate the children and the people and promote art services like value based education Helth and hygiene, safe drinking water.
  • Promotion Livelihood Program through water and natural resource.
  • Save the Water, land an Forest.

Over all Roles :-We have collectivity identified the role of Multi Art Association for the long time witch are varied in nature but complimentary to each other :-

  • Awareness builders and Organizers.
  • Capacitors.
  • Facilitators.
  • Moblisers
  • Networkers
  • Right Base Advocacy.
  • Multi Art Trainers.

Work in Education Field :- Organization do the Work To tack Admission of Drop out child of PTG Traibls. PTG Traible has Gov. Sepret PTG Residential Scholl but lake of Awareness they dont Tack their Admission. Organization Help to Tack their Admission By the Organization Staff and also the Work of Awareness Program and Advocacy with local Gov. Body of their Rights at Barwadi, Manika, Mahuwadand, Garu Block in Latehar District.

Problem of Education Field :- Dence Forest area in Latehar Deistict Doesnt open School Timely and does not Continue MDM and also not avaleval Others Facilities. In Others Side of dence Foret area is Same Condition. All Gov. School has no Facility of Uniform, Bhench chair. The Student of Gov. School does not get Timely Scholarship. So Child of poor man and SC, ST, PTG Community are not Receiving proper Education.